Can you folks find me a unique specimen?

Sure, just email us.  We have dozens of contacts in several countries.  If we can't find it, we'll be up-front and just say so.

Who is Jesus Christ?

He's the son of the living God.  Great guy to get to know.

Do you combine shipping charges?

Sure we do.  We will always try and find the best combination of low price and safety for your order.  For small orders, we generally use the United States Postal Service.  Because the vast majority of rocks, minerals, and fossils have approximately the same specific gravity, we charge by weight, stepping up as is appropriate to fitting the various flat-rate USPS boxes. For larger specimens weighing hundreds of pounds, we either deliver them ourselves or we will contract with a mutually acceptable motor freight carrier ---- usually one with a lift-gate.  

How old is the earth?

Not really sure.  But it's not 4.5 billion years, folks.  Try 10,000, maybe 20,000 years??  We weren't around back then, so we've chosen the accounting method found in the book of Genesis.

Do you ship outside the US?

Not right now, but check back with us in a few months!

I am a committed evolutionist and paleontologist.  Are you guys serious about this God thing ???

Sure, we're serious. We love you, and we hope you find our specimens first-class and priced out reasonably ---- most items are priced between wholesale and retail.

Do you offer any of your categories at wholesale pricing?




Are you guys using religion to make money?

Yes, we do, but because we are generally pricing most items at below what is normally considered retail, a wholesale discount would normally be expected to be in the range of 20 - 30% off our quoted price.  For wholesale purchases, there is a $400 minimum transaction amount, and some items we offer are not eligible for wholesale pricing.  A Sales tax exemption certificate number is required for wholesale purchases.


Nope, but we sure are using these beautiful creations of God to talk about Him!