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Angel's Rocks and Fossils is a Christian business that offers our customers a wide variety of quality rocks, fossils, and mineral specimens for collectors, educators, young rock hounds, and families. Our products are used for educational purposes, home, office, garden décor, and they are really, really reasonably priced!

Our business is primarily show-based.  We participate in approximately 20 shows per year.  Some or gem and mineral society shows, and some are large craft shows and festivals.


We also do a limited amount of mail-order business; you can get more information by contacting us at

Traditionally, the world has associated the fossil record and the creation of various rocks from basic minerals with huge time periods involving hundreds of millions of years.  As we study and handle and trade these wonderful examples of God's creation, we've elected instead to believe in the truth of God's holy scriptures.  So, while you might hear us talk about a "Devonian Orthoceras", you won't see or hear the words "475 million years ago".  Are we out of step with reality?  Maybe, but we've chosen Jesus over conventional thinking!

Please read Philippians 3:14 if you have a chance.


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