Random Thoughts

If you have browsed through our pages, you've seen an incredible variety of God's handiwork. We purchase our rocks, minerals, and fossils from several different sources.  The nicest amethyst specimens come directly from the mines of southern Brazil ---- we fight all the shipping and customs battles so that you can enjoy a little tiny slice of His handiwork that is truly exquisite.  Sometimes we will order from wholesalers here in the US, so that we can carefully monitor quality.  This really becomes an issue when working with fossils, as there is a proliferation of fakes out there (not limited to any one country) that are being produced by artisans all over the world.  Trilobites, the oldest known fossils, are especially prone to faking, and we've found that due diligence is absolutely required to keep from incidentally acquiring them in and amongst genuine specimens. 

Many (could be most) fossils and rock and mineral specimens have been repaired or worked on to enhance their beauty.  For example, a Devonian ammonite might be sliced down the middle, then polished to a high gloss to bring out the exquisite detail of the original animal.  If a small piece breaks off in the process, it will likely be repaired in as unobtrusive manner as possible.  Does that detract from it's value?  Usually not.  Recognize that the vast majority of fossils are discovered with either a D6 Cat or a stick of dynamite ---- and both involve quite violent processes.  A second example ---- Geodes that have been completely agatized or other agate-filled vugs are often naturally found with a dull grey or light brown coloring.  Often, artisans will apply dye to these under extreme pressure in a special vessel to enhance their beauty. We offer both dyed and natural agatized geodes and rocks.   All of our purple amethyst geodes are naturally colored and are never dyed.

Photography ----- we are not professional photographers --- just a bunch o' folks that love the Lord handling a bunch o' rocks and fossils.  Most of our photos are taken with indirect sunlight, some are indoors with incandescent or halogen lighting, and a few are in bright sunlight.  The point here is that we never doctor photos or attempt to make an object look better than it actually is.  Once in a while, we might photograph a wet petrified wood specimen.  If this is ever the case, we will clearly indicate as such.

A quick note about our "pitch" .... Many folks are uncomfortable walking the delicate tightrope between conducting business and sharing their faith.  We look at it a different way.  We are really here to share our faith.  Certainly we are not using Christianity to sell rocks, but we humbly admit that we are using the beautiful rocks and minerals and fossils to bring attention to a wonderful God who is alive and well and active and very, very real!


More rambling .....

So, why is Angel's Rocks and Fossils in business?  Well, a couple of Christian families in the oilfield got together (consisting of a kinesiologist [the boss], a petroleum engineer, a mechanical engineer, an elementary teacher, and a rugrat or two) and put together a business framework that was fun, educational, keeps us from starving, and honors the Lord Jesus Christ.

Some of us were brought up and taught a worldview that evolution is fact, the earth is billions of years old, and that it was created as part of the Big Bang (the 2 words were always capitalized).  Often, our teachers would say that that evolution was one of several "theories", but they would put it in quotes, roll their eyes, and make sure we knew that they were required to call it a theory.  As evangelical Christians that believe the Word of God (the Bible) is true and correct, we saw a direct conflict between the world's view and the biblical account of creation.

And so, we weighed our options, and we chose God.

We chose the wonderful story of how he created the earth in 6 days and rested on the seventh.  Can we prove that the account in Genesis Chapter 1 is true?  No, but we believe it is.  Can a 36-year-old geologist prove that the earth is billions of years old?  No, but he can believe it if he wants to.  Heh heh heh --- look up "age of the earth" in Wikipedia (must be right, it's on the internet!) ---- you will get "The age of the Earth is 4.54 billion years, ± 0.05 billion years. This age is based on evidence from radiometric age dating of meteorite material, and is consistent with the ages of the oldest-known terrestrial and lunar samples".  Sounds interesting --- but we're not so sure that it really is all that verifiable.  If you are interested in a different view, we'd suggest looking first at Genesis 1:1, then go to http://creation.com/the-way-it-really-is-little-known-facts-about-radiometric-dating and check out a different interpretation.

In any case, we are in business to share little chunks of God's rocks and big chunks of the love of Jesus Christ.


Collector Geodes 

We recognize that there are some collectors who desire quality specimens that are a cut above the norm.  Our attitude is that's great, and we do indeed offer a line of higher-end pieces  ---- but just remember that no matter how nice a piece is, you can't take it with you when you leave this world!  That being said, if you visit our Collector Geodes and Geode Specimens section, you will encounter specimens of incredible beauty and luster.  Typically, we will bring a few of these to our shows, so if you are interested in actually experiencing the best of the best, check out our 2017 schedule!